Application Pool Pipeline Mode

You can configure your account to use the classic .NET Application Pool Pipeline Mode or Integrated Application Pool Pipeline Mode in the Control Panel IIS Tools section:
  • Go to the ASP.NET/PHP Version or IIS Settings tab in Control Panel  (Tools & Utilities > IIS Tools)
  • In the Application Pool Pipeline Mode section, choose "Classic" or "Integrated" from the drop down menu
  • Click the "Update" button
Notes on the Application Pool Pipeline Mode:
  • Integrated Mode Benefits:
    • Allowing services provided by both native and managed modules to apply to all requests, regardless of handler. For example, managed Forms Authentication can be used for all content, including ASP pages, CGIs, and static files.
    • Empowering ASP.NET components to provide functionality that was previously unavailable to them due to their placement in the server pipeline. For example, a managed module providing request rewriting functionality can rewrite the request prior to any server processing, including authentication, takes place.
    • A single place to implement, configure, monitor and support server features. For example, single module and handler mapping configuration, single custom errors configuration, single url authorization configuration.