Connecting to IIS with WebDAV

WebDAV is an HTTP-based file management tool to help manage web contents on a remote server using Windows Explorer.

To enable and configure WebDAV to connect to DiscountASP.NET IIS8 servers:

1.  Log in to Control Panel and go to Tools & Utilities > IIS Tools > WebDAV to enable WebDAV on your account.

2.  On your local computer, go to Windows Explorer.  Right click on 'Computer' and choose 'Map Network Drive...'




3.  In the Folder field, enter the URL for your domain name -

4.  Check the Reconnect at logon box.

5.  An authentication window will appear. Enter your account user name and password.



Running command in MS DOS:

To configure the WebDAV connection with MS DOS:

1.  Go to the MS DOS command prompt.

2.  Enter the command: net use [drive letter] [URL]

    Example: net use E:

Note: WebDAV can connect using any FTP user.