How to deploy a Visual Studio 2012 Web Application Project to DiscountASP.NET using Web Deploy

The following instructions apply only to Web Application Projects.  For Web Site Projects, please see this Knowledge Base article.
In order to use the web deploy method with Visual Studio 2012 you must activate IIS Manager permissions in Control Panel. For details on activating IIS Manager, please see this Knowledge Base article.

To publish your web application using Web Deploy:
1. Download the publish setting file from Control Panel and save it in a temporary location.
2. In Visual Studio 2012, right click on your project and select “Publish..."
3. Click Import and select the file you downloaded in step 1
4. In the "Connection" section, most of the information should be pre-populated.  
   a.  Enter the path where you want to publish your application
   b.  Enter the password of your user account

5. On the Settings Page
    a. Set up your destination database by clicking on the ellipsis to open the Destination Connection Strings
    b. Check "Use this connection string at runtime"
    c. Check "Update database" (Note: this update database method only migrates the schema of the database not the data)


6. Click the "Publish" button