Getting Started with SiteLock

Purchasing SiteLock

Log in to the DiscountASP.Net Control Panel and go to the "SiteLock Scan/CDN/PCI" section to choose a plan.

The SiteLock purchase confirmation will be sent to the primary email address on file. To ensure that the primary email address on file is valid, go to the "Account Info/Edit" section of Control Panel and check the "Contact Information" section.

Two emails will be sent when SiteLock is purchased. One from SiteLock and the other from the DiscountASP.Net Support Department. Neither email will contain the SiteLock login credentials.


Accessing the SiteLock Dashboard

  • Log into the DiscountASP.Net Control Panel and go to the SiteLock Manager.
  • Click the "SiteLock Sign-On" link to go to the SiteLock Dashboard.


SiteLock Menus

Dashboard: This is the Summary page. This page will display the status of all the scans SiteLock performs on your site. The "All Visitors" section shows who viewed your page through the SiteLock Trust Seal. "Messages and Alerts" will display the status of the completed SiteLock scans.

Sites: This will display a list of sites under your SiteLock account. They are grouped by the email address used to sign up for the account.

Users: Create additional SiteLock users to directly access the SiteLock Dashboard

Settings: This is where you modify the scan settings. SiteLock has two scans you can modify: "Application" and "SMART scan." SMART scan will connect through your FTP account and scan and delete any malicious malware, trojan, and virus files.

Account: Company information pertaining to the owner of the account.

Support: SiteLock related issues should be addressed directly to SiteLock:

SiteLock Expert Services: SiteLock offers additional services to receive one on one support with a SiteLock team member. This service is not included with the plans available through DiscountASP.NET. To purchase the service, Please contact SiteLock.
 SiteLock Log in: We do not store SiteLock Dashboard credentials. To reset your SiteLock log in credentials, log in to Control Panel and go to the SiteLock Manager. From there you can access your SiteLock account and reset the password.