How to change a user's password in SmarterMail

You can change any email account password using the Primary Domain Administrator user (set to "postmaster" by default). You can even change the Primary Domain Administrator's password using this method, as it does not require you to enter the password to log in.

To change a user's password in the SmarterMail interface:
  1. Log in to the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel.
  2. Click the "SmarterMail Management" link on the left hand side.
  3. Click the link labeled "SmarterMail Management Login as Primary Admin". You will be automatically logged in as the Primary Domain Administrator.
  4. Click the "Settings" link on the left-hand side navigation menu (it is an icon that looks like gears).
  5. Click to expand the "Domain Settings" folder.
  6. Click "Users".
  7. For the user whose password you want to change, check the box next to their name and click "Edit".
  8. On the next screen, go to the field marked "New Password" and enter the new password. Then enter the same password in the "Confirm Password" field.
  9. Click "Save".