Web App Gallery Application Requirements

These are the basic requirements for the applications offered in our Web App Gallery.

Note that the memory requirements are for a generic installation.    Most applications consume more memory as you customize and populate them.    If you find that your application's memory requirements are exceeding the available memory at DiscountASP.NET, you may want to take a look at our new cloud service, Everleap.

DotNetNuke9.13.23 PlatformMSSQL 2016+300MB2012+.NET4.5.1+
Gallery Server Pro4.5.0none300MB2016+.NET4.5+
Joomla5.0.3MSSQL 2016+/MySQL 5.1+200MB2016+PHP7.3+
Kentico11MSSQL 2016+300MB2012+.NET4.5+
MediaWiki1.41.4MySQL 5.0.2+200MB2012+PHP7.4+
mojoPortal2.9.0.1MSSQL 2016+/MySQL200MB2012+.NET3.5+
Moodle4.0.5MSSQL 2016/MySQL 5.5.31200MB2012+PHP7.1+
nopCommerce4.6, 4.7MSSQL 2016+500MB2012+.NET Core5.0
osCommerce4.13MySQL 3.23+200MB2012+PHP7.0+
phpBB3.3.11MSSQL 2016+/MySQL 3.23+200MB2012+PHP7.0+
phpMyadmin5.2.1MySQL 5.5+200MB2012+PHP7.1+
Umbraco CMS9.4.3MSSQL 2016+/MSSQL CE/MySQL300MB2012+.NET Core5.0
WordPress6.5.2MySQL 5.6+200MB2012+PHP7.0+