Web App Gallery - NopCommerce set up

Before you begin, please see this knowledge base article to ensure your account has the basic requirements for NopCommerce to run smoothly.

The first step is to create an MS SQL database in Control Panel.  See this knowledge base article for instructions on creating a MS SQL database.
Web Application Gallery

Go to the Web Application Gallery in Control Panel and scroll down the list to find NopCommerce. Click the "Continue with Installation" link to upload the files to the web server.

To install NopCommerce in your root directory, leave the "Application Path" text box blank.

After the Application Installation Tool has finished uploading NopCommerce, click the URL. If your domain name does not yet point to our web server, use the Alternative URL that can be found on the Account Information page in Control Panel.

You will need the following information (which can be found in the MS SQL Manager section of Control Panel):
  • SQL server name
  • Database name
  • Database login credentials

Store Information
  • Enter the admin user email, admin user password, confirm the password fields.
  • Leave "Create sample data" unchecked.

Database Information
  • Leave "Use SQL Server (or SQL Express) database [Recommended]" selected.
  • Leave "Create database if it doesn't exist" unchecked.
  • Select "Enter SQL connection values."
  • SQL Server Name: enter the database server URL for the database you created.
  • Database name: enter the database name.
  • Select "Use SQL Server account."
  • SQL Username: enter the SQL user for the database.
  • SQL Password: enter the password for the database.
  • Leave "Specify custom SQL Server collation" unchecked.
  • Click "Install."