How to setup DKIM

DKIM is disabled by default. Please contact support to have it enabled for your domain.
Setting up DKIM on SmarterMail
Log in to SmarterMail with your administrator email account. That will be your postmaster email account (unless you changed it).
  • Click "Settings/Domain Settings."
  • Expand "Advanced Settings."
  • Click "Mail Signing."
  • Leave "Enabled DKIM Signing" Checked.
  • Click the Certificate tab.
  • Selector field: it's up to you what to use here. To keep it simple you may want to use the current month and the year, e.g.: Mar2017.
  • Key Size: leave at 1024.
  • Click the "Generate Key" button.
  • DKIM Signing tab: leave the default settings.
  • Click "Save."
This will generate the TXT Record Name and the TXT Record Value. You'll need these values to update your DNS in the next step.
Updating DNS
  • Log in to Control Panel and go to the DNS Manager.
  • Create a new TXT record.
  • Enter the TXT Record Name and the TXT Record Value you generated in SmarterMail.
  • Save the DNS settings.
  • Allow an hour for the DNS cache to clear.
Verifying the DKIM key has been installed on your domain
  • Log in to SmarterMail as administrator.
  • Click "Settings/Domain Settings/Advanced Settings."
  • Click "Mail Signing."
  • Click the "Test DNS" tab.
A green bar saying "DNS test was successful" should appear.
Note: Do not regenerate the Keys unless you wish to update the DKIM txt record. It's recommended that you update once a year.