IIS 7 - IIS Tools - MIME Types

The IIS Tools section offers several tools that control important aspects of your site.

MIME Types
This tool allows you to add custom MIME types to your site. Note that any custom MIME type entered will override the default MIME types that exist on the server.

Before adding a custom MIME type, you can check to see if it already exists by clicking the "View List of Default MIME" button.

Custom MIME types can be used to tell the server how to process files with nonstandard extensions. So for example, if you created an HTML file that you wanted to name index.you, you could use it on your web site simply by creating a .you MIME type. Then when a visitor went to http://YourHostedDomainName.com/index.you, the HTML page would be displayed.

To set up the .you MIME type, enter .you in the "Extension" field, and text/html in the "MIME Type" field. Then every time a .you file is requested, the server knows to process it as an HTML page.

If this tool is used incorrectly, it may cause your web site to stop functioning.