Custom Errors

This tool allows you to use a custom error page for Error 404 (File Not Found) and Error 500 (Internet Server Error).  Custom error pages are typically used to maintain the look and feel of your site while presenting errors to the visitors.

To use your own custom error page, upload your error page file to your site and place the path and file name in the "Path To File" field.  If you upload the error file to your root directory, enter only the file name, no further path information is needed.


  • When the "Path To File" field is left blank, the default IIS error will be displayed.
  • To reset to the default IIS error, delete your custom error page path/file information from the "Path To File" field.

Important: The Custom Error page entered here only applies to non-ASP.NET files (e.g., asp, html, graphics, etc.).  The ASP.NET custom error page is defined within the web.config file.  See this Knowledge Base article for further information.