IIS 7 - IIS Tools - Recycle App Pool

The IIS Tools section offers several tools that control important aspects of your site.

Recycle App Pool
The Application Pool Recycle Tool allows you to shut down the process hosting your web application and spawn a new process. Think of it as a sort of "reboot" for your web applications. DiscountASP.NET hosts each web site in its own isolated application pool, so this tool can be used without affecting other user's web sites.

The Recycle App Pool tool is useful for:
  • Recycling a hung application
  • Releasing locked files or databases
  • Resetting session variables and clearing server cache
Note: When the application pool is recycled, all session variables are deleted.

More information on application pools can be found in these articles:
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The Recycle App Pool tool is also useful in determining whether your application has an issue that may be causing a problem with your site's availability. If your site is unresponsive or very slow, try recycling the application pool to see if the problem is alleviated. If so, you can rule out server issues and troubleshoot the application.