The Permission Manager is used to control user permissions on a per-directory basis.  These permissions apply to HTTP and FTP access.

Note that permissions are inherited, so the permissions that you apply to your root directory (the first directory listed in the directory tree) will apply to all directories under it.  Similarly, if you apply permissions to a directory that you created, those permissions will apply to any subdirectories under it.

To change permissions, select the directory you wish to affect in the directory tree.  Under "Set Permission for this Directory," the path to the selected directory is shown in red (for example, \yoursite000\photos).   Directly below the path you will see a list of users who have permissions set for the directory.  The "anonymous" user will always be listed (a visitor to your web site is an anonymous user), as well as any other users you have added.

To add a user to the list and give them permissions for the directory, simply select the user from the dropdown box under "Assign Users to Above Directory."   You can assign permissions at the same time that you select the user.

To edit an existing user's permissions, click the appropriate "Edit" link in the user list.  Select the permissions you wish to apply using the dropdown boxes and click the "Update" link to save them.