How to Order and Create a MySQL Database

Ordering Your MySQL Database Addon Service

  1. Log into the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel
  2. On the menu to your left under Account Management, click on the Order Addons link.

  3. On your right, a list of addon features will appear.  Scroll down to where it says MySQL Database and click on the Order MySQL: Click Here link.

  4. The price is based on the amount of database disk space you want.  Select the amount of disk space you want in the dropdown menu and then click the Add to my Account button.

Creating the Database

  1. In most cases, your database service should be provisioned immediately.  If it’s not provisioned after 24 hours, please open a support ticket to have us investigate the issue.  After it has been provisioned, click on the MySQL Manager link under Database Management to create your database.  It’s on the menu to your left in the Control Panel if you scroll down a bit.

  2. On your right, give your database a name, create a username, set the disk space quota, and then click on the Create button.

  3. Your newly created database will appear above the creation section as shown below.

  4. Click on the Manage link to get your connection information.  You’ll need this information when you go to install an application from our Web App Gallery or for use in your own applications.  A sample connection string is also provided to you for your convenience.