How to Configure the Email Settings in nopCommerce

These are instructions on how to configure the email settings in nopCommerce so that you can send and receive email using our email servers.

Log into your nopCommerce website using an account with administrator privileges.

Click on the Administration link to load the dashboard.

On the menu to your left, click on Configuration > Email Accounts.  A default email account should already exist. Click on the Edit button to configure it.  If it does not, click on the Add new button to create it.  Both will show you the same fields you need to fill out.

Fill out the fields accordingly.

Email address: Enter the full email address of an existing account.
Email display name:  Your full name, name of the store, etc.  It's what will be shown in parentheses () next to the email address. 
Host:  The ## can be found under Email Information in the Account Info/Edit section of the Control Panel. 
Port: 25 or 587, preferably 587.
User: Same as email address.
Password: Password to the email address.
SSL: Optional.  You can check/uncheck it.  It should always work when unchecked.
Use default credentials: Do not check.

Click on the Save or Save and Continue Edit button to save the information.  If you choose Save and Continue Edit, then you'll also be able to test the configuration without leaving the page.  At the bottom, enter any valid working email address and click on the Send test email button.  If you're successful, a green popup like the one below will appear confirming that everything has been setup correctly.

If it's not successful, try re-entering the password and click on the Change password button.  Then click on one of the Save buttons.  Sometimes that information does not get saved properly.  Rerun the test.