General Information on DiscountASP.NET UK Data Center Facility

  • Building: Steel frame with in-situ contrete slabs 
  • Site: The ground floor rated to 50KN/m2. The first floor rated to 12KN/m2
  • Height: 3000mm clear between the raised floor and the lower ceiling
  • Floor: Anti-static 600mmx600mm steel tiles with a 4.5 kN point load capacity (0.01 ohm per centimetre) and 750mm heavy duty raised floor system
  • Fibre entry: Preinstalled 54 (110mm) ducts from three elevations
  • Cabling: Copper, UTP and fibre managed via pre-cabling system to rack via DDF and ODF
  • ISO9001:2000 secure access procedure. 
  • Three stage access to site - entry door, mantrap and reception - with three levels of security.
  • Bandit glass mantrap and air lock. Full height in and out turnstiles.
  • 24/7 manned security guards
  • 24/7 monitoring, photo ID access cards
  • Biometric verification scanners
  • Digital CCTV with minimum of 31 days of digitally recorded material
  • Monitored perimeter doors
  • Anti-pass back system
  • Intruder alarm, Equipment alarm
  • Temperature set point: 22 +/- 2C
  • Redundancy: N+1 configuration
  • Cooling Capacity: 1KW/m 
  • Humidity set point: 48% +/- 15%
  • Power feed: 24MVA fully rated diverse supplies
  • Power on site: 230V AC or 400V three-phase AC 
  • Generators: N+1 configuration - 24MVA generator with maximum 20 second on load time
  • 36 hour on site fuel autonomy
  • Refuelable during use and 240 minutes fuel delivery callout contract in place on 24/7 basis
  • Batteries: N+1 configuratoi - 12MVA - 10 minutes autonomy
  • Grounding system: TNCS
  • Lighting: High frequency, low energy, CAT II luminaries
Fire suppression
  • Two stage fire detection
  • Aspiration system: Multiple zoned system utilizing forward light scattering analysis
  • Point detection: Addressable Analogue point detection system using a combination of optical and ionization detectors operating a double knock protocol
  • Suppression: Nitrogen propelled system. Independent 5m zoned system ensuring localised control. No evacuation required and no effect on electrical equipment.