The Primary Domain Administrator user

When your email service is created, we create a user named "postmaster." This user is the Primary Domain Administrator. The Primary Domain Administrator creates new email users, establishes account quotas, receives system messages, etc.

It is important to check the Primary Domain Administrator's email often, as the mail system will send quota notices to that account (users approaching or over quota, domain approaching or over quota, etc.). For this reason we strongly recommend making your main email user the Primary Domain Administrator, or adding a "postmaster" profile to your email program to check the box.

To choose which email user will be the Primary Domain Administrator, select the user from the "Primary Admin" drop down list on the SmarterMail Manager section of Control Panel.

You can specify any number of users to be Domain Administrators, But only one user can be the Primary Domain Administrator. So be aware that when you assign those permissions to a user, you are also taking them away from the previous Primary Domain Administrator.

NOTE: When you log in to the SmarterMail interface using the "SmarterMail Management Login as Primary Admin" link in the SmarterMail Manager section of Control Panel, you are logging in as the Primary Domain Administrator.