Whois privacy service

When you register a domain name you provide contact information that becomes publicly available in the "whois" database. Whois Privacy changes the publicly available information for your domain name to generic information provided by the registrar (in our case the registrar is OpenSRS). The Whois Privacy option prevents your address, phone number, email, etc. from being publicly available.

Whois Privacy can be ordered either when a domain is initially registered by us or at any time during the life of the domain. We can only provide this service for domains that we register

The Whois Privacy service will synchronize with the domain renewal schedule, so it will be due when the domain name registration is renewed. The initial fee for Whois Privacy on an existing domain is not prorated, so if you add the service to a domain that has only a portion of the yearly registration remaining, the private registration fee will be billed again upon domain renewal.

Whois Privacy for existing domains can be enabled in the Domain Manager section of Control Panel.