Account renewal information

To avoid any service interruption all accounts are set to auto-renew. The credit card on file will be charged at the end date of each billing period.

Renewal Date
The Renewal Date is the same as the end date of each billing period and is displayed as the "Next Charge Date" in the "Billing History" section of Control Panel.

Renewal Length and Amount
All services will be renewed with the same period length - quarterly or annual - that was used when the account was opened.

Example: Renewal for annual hosting account with Domain Registration and MS SQL add-on:
  • Hosting: $10/mo x 12 mo=$120
  • Domain Registration: $17.95/yr x 1 yr=$17.95
  • MS SQL add-on: $10/mo x 12 mo=$120
  • Total=$257.95
Note: Any promotions received during the original signup will not be applied to the account renewal, unless otherwise specified. Pricing for individual services may be subject to change. Please review the current pricing here

Renewal Notice
A pre-renewal notice will be sent 15 days prior to account renewal. Also, a success/decline charge confirmation will be sent to the email address on file.