Configuring FileZilla to access your web site

  1. Start FileZilla
  2. Click "File" and then "Site Manager". Click the "New Site" button, and assign a name for this entry. You should then see boxes for "Host", "Port", "Protocol", "Encryption", "Logon Type", "User", and "Password."
  3. Enter "" into the "Host" box. Both the FTP address using your domain, and the alternate FTP address will work here. Your FTP login information can be found in the Account Information section of Control Panel.
  4. Enter "21" in the "Port" field.
  5. On the "Protocol" pull-down menu, select "FTP - File Transfer Protocol."
  6. On the "Encryption" pull-down menu, select "Use plain FTP."
  7. On the "Logon type" pull-down menu, select "Normal."
  8. Enter your FTP account logon and password in the "User" and "Password" boxes.Please note that you will need to include the account number, the pipe character and your user name.
  9. Click on the "Transfer Settings" tab. Verify that "Passive" mode is enabled.
  10. Click "Connect" in the Site Manager window. Your FTP account should login successfully, and your files will appear in the "Remote site" area of the program window.